Astral Bonding.

Ranger Artecspirit, Shaman of the Wildto Narissa

As it is, the skill is used by almost all - it allows you a second chance to fight your enemy once they ress, making them ship possibly, or it can be used for more sadistic means.

Maybe while you are saying that astral bonding should be restricted to certain times, why dont you talk about how spitting olvar shouldnt work, for thats sadism, or splashing ress potion (its been done), or a whole bunch of other stuff?

Astral bonding is a skill, and its there - it will be used by those who want it, and those who are too compassionate or less sadistic, wont use it. it is personal choice, let them choose. and if the skill was not intended to use as is, would you not think our divinities would have changed it so far?

Written by my hand on the 5th of Eleuthral, in the year 1132.