I suggest not posting if you have nothing constructive to add. Why don't You try to fight in a stave forest tune AGAINST you for once, Blotto.

Sometimes it just isn't avoidable, simple as that.

To everyone else,

Good points. Pushing balance on fisticuffs pushing would be one way to stop the rampant stave hugging.

Though, the loremaster could still have massive amounts of staves out at any given time with little or no risk.

Fistandantilus idea of a mana drain per stave was excellent I thought. Maybe even take it a touch further and make it say 3 or maybe even 5 staves would not drain but anything above that would drain mana considerably.

Dwarfism is an ultimate+ skill (correct me if I am wrong) so it is supposed to be powerful.

Though 20 sata per cure is a bit extensive I suppose for those of you not able to smokering.


Written by my hand on the 6th of Leaflost, in the year 1130.