Thanks for your much needed input.

Reread my second paragraph, please. Carefully.

I had another thought... to make things fair in this discussion I think all fighters should

come up with the ONE thing about each profession that they would theoretically like to see

changed. Its simply for more of a consensus than anything else...

I'll start:

Hmm... actually... one suggestion to improve something and another suggestion to change something

that seems unfair:

BARDS - Shorten tranceword eq delay to 1 second, like erasmus dusting

Make the dropping of a flame rune only unbalance the bard, not anyone else.

THIEVES - Be able to shoot crossbows with double poisons at ult stealth or ult poisons.

Stop the ability to yank someone who has an alkar.

RANGERS - Same improvement suggestion as thieves above.

Shorten greatly the amount of time carvings last.

LOREMASTERS - Quicken the amount of time it takes to charge an item and increase amount per charge

Any staves outside LM's city cuts their felling time by half.

MAGES - Allow dragons to let them fly to above or below clouds.

Make mists disappear more quickly... it takes like half an hour for those things to go away.

ANIMISTS - I don't think they are applicable here.

SORCERORS - Give them the ability to summon TWO angel of deaths! (lol, yeh right)

Stop the punching Angel of death trick to make him unpacified.

SEERS - I really haven't studied them as much as the others... I can't give any suggestions as

of yet. The hypothermia curse though is really over the top. It should wear off on its own

after, say, 5-10 minutes. Otherwise if no animist or other friendly seer is on (which is

practically always the case) the player doesn't have to sit there in a stockroom for half a day

waiting for a cure.

So those are my thoughts and I took careful consideration into them. I think it would be cool

if all fighters gave their opinions in the same kind of format. Who knows??? It might cause

a change!!! *GASP*

Abydos, Walking the line between insanity and pure madness

Written by my hand on the 6th of Hindyear, in the year 1130.