Honour in Avalon.

Abydos the Enthrallerto The Kodiak Bear

I might not know a lot about all the intricate little details of this world nor its history...

But as far as I know, taking somebody's possessions while they are linkdead is unacceptable

behavior for anyone. I offer you a truce to our hostilities as a token of my goodwill and

good sportsmanship and hope you return the favour to me in the future if I am ever linkdead

again. Making somebody suffer due to their own server instabilities is a problem we all face

and its up to each of us to respect that reality and keep our disgressions in-game as much

as possible. Since being booted is an outside game event, doing something to anyone when they

are linkdead or even SUSPECTED of being linkdead should be the players responsibility to

return possessions stolen from that player. Health is much easier to gain back if accidentally

killed because of this, but possessions, especially sacks and pouches are filled with

commodities that have taken many, many hours of gameplay to achieve.

I hope you take this post as sincere and I hope you return that which you stole back to me.

If you do, I will honour that action with my own and not insult you again within this realm

if it bothers you that badly.

I may seem like a bitch, but these events bring to light that both of us are at fault here.

Name calling and insulting are childish and so is item stealing when somebody is linkdead.

Shall we call this a truce and start behaving like real people once again???

I look forward to your response, Abydos

Written by my hand on the 12th of Springflower, in the year 1130.