His Holiness Plaman, Emissary of Chaosto Everyone

Seems telnet messed up here goes again.

If you read whay I was saying in the previous post and paid attention to my point I wasn't calling you a sadist nor do I think you are anywhere near one. What, however I was pointing out is that yourself, myself and many more in fact have and do attack those smaller then us for a kill here and there. In general there is no outcry and long whine on the bb about it, in fact we are sometimes congratulated for it. Let Zwartia, koadiak, Threap or just about nany other Thakrian do it and we can have an ou

tcry becaing evil, destroying the land being cowardly and what not (excuse the excessive typos please

Although the reasons for slaying a smaller person mayb e different and all yur other actions around the land might be different the basic action is still the same, a bigger palayer has slain one much smaller skills

I can list several examples of most active fighters doing this.

I am pretty much just rying to shut people up and call out the hypocrites. Either you make the same post ridiculing and condemning anyone who kills a smaller person once or twice or you shut your pie hole, console and teach the smaller person and get on with life.

People are getting too spoiled and pampered where a death or two now is a tragedy instead of a learning point. The only thing we should be condemning is sadism suh as described by Phalant or the killing and harassment of those on the lw list.


Written by my hand on the 1st of Eleuthral, in the year 1130.