you wrong me sir.

Perhaps calling you sir is too much respect for someone who lies. Look back at Decker's post and the original post from zwartia. These criminals are agressively and actively attacking those who canot or willnot defend themselves.

The ones who willnot are their peers who chose to be lazy and not learn their skills.

The ones who canot are those smaller than them those that get hit with a zahir rune and are pretty much dead, all zwartia did while she was growing up is use these runes in fights. I want you to think long and hard and tell me when I have ever jumped someone and stripped them and was a sadist or what not just because of the city in wich they were born.

I have helped teach more than one thakrian fighter, as an all ult fighter you can completely overwhelm a smaller opponent or you can pull punches and help them grow. Specific names come to mind even if some have become insane or ungratefull little wretches.

It all boils down to this, I will hunt all that is evil not because they were born in the city of miracles but because of their actions. I also have been known to help the lesser of to greater evils, and to play evil against eachother and watch it consume itself.


You would do well to remember this, Without an enemy there is no game, without the young there is no game, so we as elders must do two things one, promote competition and well, kick eachothers asses, and two be sure NOT to drive the young away with constant preassure.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Midwinter, in the year 1130.