Me against the world.

Sir Arthor, The Honourableto Everyone

I hope that my Lord Genesis will not object to me putting my bullshit on the fighters BB as Bumble suggested.

Bumble- I called no one names, only explained what I had seen of Blueskull. I do watch my back, and I am offended, as I certainly hope others are.

Tryn- I do not remember that event. It is likely that it was not only thee, but in any case, I hope I get on thy nerves more in the future.

Jebaman- I'm not sure what thou art trying to say.

Julian- (My favourite) I only jumped thee after thou teamed me, and seldom even then. Usually I challenge first. I don't believe I have ever killed any guildmate of thine smaller than thee.

Lord Castigere may disfavour me again for telling the truth as I did about Blueskull, but <sigh> I suppose that is my lot.

Sir Arthor, for JUSTICE.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Midwinter, in the year 981.