I would really recommend that it is not worthwhile having a conversation with Dunccan, I think pretty much everyone on Avalon knows that what he says on the BB and what he does in Avalon are two largely independent things.

For the parts of his postings that are vaguely intelligible one would assume he is quite an honest chap, but lets face it thats not the case.

For concrete examples we could look at his recent posts about stripping and the fact he has tried to strip both of us, and in more open examples Zaven (public post 17874) and Holywhitewolf (public post 20880) who both I believe have left the game now.....

Lets face it, there are three areas where Dunccan is consistent.

Firstly, stripping - he has done this since he was young and continues to do so. Tomas another example (1/4 him ?) who springs to mind from the last few weeks.

Secondly, writing ineligible posts - I must say though - the chap has a remarkable if not bizarre - imagination.

Finally, he is consistently on the losing side. An ironic fact considering that from the number of his posts one would assume he considers himself to be vaguely important.

Anyway, enough meaningless conversation. This wasn't meant to be a dig at Castigeres order or the Fedaykin regime of 3 people who consider having a guild, order and city is still not enough.

Nor was it a prompt for Finbar (full name FairyNoBrain) or another of Dunccans small number of cohorts to post in his defence.

Just a view from a drunk Thakrian who lost his two swords (admittedly one with Dunccans stamp and the other with FairyNoBrains stamp) while offline after telling Dunccan a few home truths. But there ya go...


Written by my hand on the 10th of Hindyear, in the year 1128.