Your incessant arrogance.

Abydosto Orielle, Loremistress Extraordinaire


I want to congratulate you for shouting insults at me while you hid in a stockroom.

I want to congratulate you for generating the least thakrian men in your entire city.

I want to congratulate you for issuing a challenge back to me when I issued one to you,

knowing that I am half your size.

I'm also extremely impressed that you are off of DP and pacifism so you can remain Thakrian and

not a complete embarassment to your city.

I also would like to wish you luck in the future, because I've decided that those with big

mouths and no back-up to their yelp deserve a tremendously brutal beating.

So good luck! When I am your size, you can shout, post, and taunt all you'd like! It won't

stop me from making you look like a complete talentless waste later on.

Cheers, Abydos

Written by my hand on the 9th of Springflower, in the year 1128.