Your post.

Where oh where to start. Lets start with the insults shall we. I have never broken role with you, i am a gutter snipe for the slums of Thakria, my language is that of the street. I will not apologise for any insults I have levelled at you as they are entirely justified. I do not see why i should moderate my candour for the sensitive ears.

With regards to the challenge, as is my want I spent much of the day sinking tequila shots in the Black Knight Inn. You issued a challenge of your own accord and i reciprocated. It was not the other way around. If i was to have jumped you I wouldve expected what greeted me when the challenge began in earnest. It was a series of your expert use of fullparry and alkar. This went on for some time when you did an offensive act and you died.

You then ran to Thaumacie and in my stupor I ran in hot pursuit. Yes i arrived to see you there surrounded by your squat brethren and down I went, had i not spent my pocket money in the ale houses of Thakria perhaps things wouldve ended up slightly differently but Verlakmar was on fine form and punished my lack of coherence.

I am the first to applaud people getting to grips with new and interesting guilds and using guile and cunning to overcome size odds, You however entered into the challenge with the single intention of making it spin out for about an hr so you could post somewhere about how great you are that someone of my size couldnt kill you. Feeble ambitions.

As for being uneducated, I graduated from the academy and the higher learning institute school of Thakria with flying colours


Written by my hand on the 12th of Eleuthral, in the year 1127.