The Great Arturo.

Abydos, One Hot Little Numberto Everyone

I just thought everyone would like to know the beautiful language that Arturo loves to

plague me with... it is very eloquent:

Arturo - \"You cant beat me, nor will you ever. Me and Damocles had a good laugh

your descent into mediocrity using the cccs. I dont care though. Death to

me is nothing. You are still a cunt and i am still laughing. I dropped you

like a sack of shit before you ran off screaming to the dwarves.*Pet*\"

Despite your complete lack of roleplay, Arturo, I have been abused verbally by you on almost

a daily basis. You offered a challenge to me, and you are already larger than I. I issued it

back and then you yawned at me, spouted insults at me while we fought, and made yourself a

complete annoyance the whole time. You killed me, good for you, but the fight wasn't over.

As a Bard, I have a march skill that allows me to call upon ccc's to help me. Knowing how

little damage bards can actually do until they are older (I am told) I believe it made the fight

pretty fair. It was YOUR stupidity to follow me into thaumacie. I never forced you.

I was going to come back down and fight with a few dwarves to help me, but YOU came up there

to try and yawn at me some more and throw insults again. You died. Big deal. It's not

the end of the world. Learn from it and just get over it! I complained about all the ccc's

that Sorcerors carry around with them all the time, but now I realize that it is their right

to do so! Just as it is mine. So if I stop complaining about them, I think its time you

stopped complaining about me, and the ONE death you had.

Aside from that, you should really learn to control your language. It doesn't do anything

except make you look like uneducated trash.


Written by my hand on the 26th of Midwinter, in the year 1127.