Dunccan, Arturo and Grymauch.

I think most of you make some really good points. Except Arturo.

Threap, my dear, I do realize your age and experience in the land and never expected to

beat you at this stage of my life. But what is clear to me is that you've jumped from

guild to guild to guild, from city to city to city, and from order to order to order.

There are very few in this land as old as you who have the helpfile as long as you. It is

clear to me now, that after (perhaps) getting as far as you could go in each profession, you

decided to finally choose one that has the easiest method of killing, in a city that has the

most killers. There isn't much of a 'challenge' that you are presented with here...

Maybe you dealt with these challenges in every other profession but because you weren't doing

so well in them, decided to dumb-it-down a bit. I heard you were a good Cavalier as well.

Is it any wonder that that profession most of Avalon agrees with to have the second-most

advantageous skillset? And why not combine the two with a gem??? Now there is a challenge!

The Sorcerors used to not have the Angel of death scythe pentacles, or way before that time,

have all demons attack at once (which I have read in back-log literature). I can only

imagine that Sorcerors were dying too much because of this, or not able to kill as quickly

as they used to and so somebody decided to give you guys those extra emenities.

You have chosen a profession that is the most outright offensive because it gets the job

done quickly. Knights, I am sure, choose that profession for similar reasons.

But what about the rest of the professions???

I didn't know what I was going to get into with the Bards, but so far I have stuck it out.

Despite the terrible disadvantages I have with my skillsets compared to my peers (and even

those twice my size) I consider myself to do fairly well. Nobody has to deal with triggers

as much as I do, and it is a constant struggle to think of a new inventive idea to use on

my enemies... but once they catch on, they either tweek a trigger of theirs or create new ones.

I know I'm rambling on now, but my point is that it gets easier as you get older.

Well sorry, but thats not very encouraging for young, poor players like myself who won't get

their first 'lesson-learned' ultimate for another few months. And possibly a full year before

I am all ultimate. I just think that in order to generate long-term players... those who

don't get so frustrated with their guild and switch about until they just get bored

of the land, you should try to balance things out as best as you can.

So because of the reasons I mentioned in my original post, the Sorcerors aren't balanced.

But I also admit to the fact that I am young, and perhaps am missing something you can't see

or appreciate until you are all ultimate...

But I am telling it how I see it.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Hindyear, in the year 1126.