Substance to your argument.

Althought you seem to be competent in the art of ranting and raving you

have not address the topic at hand. You have ignored it completely.

There are two likely reasons for this, the first is that you forgot once

you started ranting and the second is that you do not have a point to make.

What it boils down to. Is it Your OPINION that freeze should not be

used at all, period?

If that is your argument, do you realise how stupid an argument it is?

Do you realise that just because you say it is overpowered, and even

if Pahn lends his voice to saying it is overpowered. It is still just

the opinions of two people against a newly vetted skill which

has been introduced for the intention of use.

Do you in springdale believe it was introduced to make the charming

list a little bit longer?

The answer is evidently no. It was designed to be used in combat and

so it will be. If you have an argument to the point in hand instead

of resorting to name calling then I suggest you post it.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Leaflost, in the year 1122.