overpowered skills.

Kal Zakath, Cavalier of Thakriato Everyone

If certain skills are truly over-powered instead of whining and

generally coming across like very very very sore losers perhaps you

should approach the situation by bringing it to the attention of a

suitably experienced deity. Those that rose to divine status through

ordination spring to mind.

They will evaluate the skill, debate the issue in the heavens and changes

will be made if it is deemed fair and just.

So I would suggest anyone with a problem with Freeze - speak to your patron

anyway with a problem with shirolos and eagles, again speak to your patron

and see if they will add it to the list of commands which cannot be


If this fails, you really do not have any argument at all to fall back on.


Written by my hand on the 16th of Leaflost, in the year 1122.