your comments.

Just because your triggers cannot cope with the freeze item does not

make it a bad skill. I believe it to be an exellent skill because of

the very fact that a trigger will not prevent you from becoming frozen.

Presence of mind, fast movement and quick thinking however will.

Your complete lack of competence prompts you to complain time and time

again when you lose.

As for bringing your young into combat, that is up to you and your young but

all actions have consequences. The young which were ignored and not noticed

suddenly become very noticeable if they start bearing down upon established

players with swinging swords.

When I am forced to take remedial action undoubtedly you will the first

to jump onto the bandwagon proclaiming thakrians to be baby killers.

Teach your young to get involved when they are ready to play, OR stop

whinging when adults take away their toys.


Written by my hand on the 22nd of Hindyear, in the year 1122.