Arturo, Serpent of Thakriato Blotto, the Red Tide

I used javalon for a considerable time, Mostly because it was free and i new of no alternative. It is a mud for beginner avalonians, with cute icons to know when youre webbed and to make sure you have sipped ressurection potion, an icon i could still do with, but other than that it is a limited client.

The Client most people use I presume is Zmud, I enjoy the usage of variables and aliases and for this zmud is fantastic. I rarely believe the hype surrounding trigger junkies or automatons. I hear the advanced Javalon gives the variable and alias functions, if so then most people could port over without problem. I have fought Finbar on innumerable occasions, the boy is a crazy pest and make no mistake, yet he didnt seem to be using triggers very much. Or else my young eyes have just deceived me.

In conclusion I am not sure what an avalon with just javalon would prove other than he could type their numeric macros fastest or who programmed them well enough. We would be reduced to a land of super fast typists and those of us who use very legal shortcuts,such as as for armsmash or ea for eat athillias would be left sailing the ships of death.

Apologies to those offended by such bizarre dialogues unfitting to the realm in which we attempt to immerse ourselves.


Written by my hand on the 17th of Leaflost, in the year 1121.