Your broken pencil.

With respect to our latest exchange of post Kes, I would have to say that you are the only person name calling, I am merely citing your actions or lack thereof. I have not called you names as really I don't need to sink to you level, as for your goals? I couldn't possibly stop you sitting in the Pool of Life, even if I wanted to.

You're accusations against Blotto are your own business, but just as you felt she is unworthy to judge the knightly worth of another, I merely sought to printout how shaky the ground is beneath your feet. I believe her original post was not address to you either, or do different rules apply to you?

As for the continued embarrassment you bring to the knights profession, I would have say that your refusal to accept mutual challenges from any of your peers or juniors is the least of your troubles. For a full list of your failings I refer you to my earlier posts.

With regards to the public post you use against me, you will find as complete a rebuffal as I am allowed as a mortal on a few posts later. I could not possibly say any more on the topic as the gods are omnipresent (thank you Dunccan) and therefore their word is beyond question

Written by my hand on the 19th of Hindyear, in the year 1121.