Disgraceful Knights.

I can't remember the last time I posted here, mostly I find the inane drivel of most of this board's inhabitants irritating in the extreme, at best it serves as a mild distraction or source of amusement.

However, I simply cannot let the comments of the least respected Knight in the history of this land go unchallenged. Kes, you state that Blotto is a disgrace to your profession? Well, let's take a look at a description of your so precious profession and compare your actions against it, shall we? For reference, I have taken samples from both HELP KNIGHT and HELP KNIGHTS, not from my own opinions.

\"The Knight is a combatant. \" - It is hard to engage in combat in the pool of life.

\"They believe that actions speak louder than words and deeds louder than eloquent speeches. \" - You natter, waffle, rant and generally rave, on every board you have access to. I have not witnessed a deed of note in the last 200 years.

\"Members of the Knights Guild are expected to uphold honour and the chivalric code against all adversity. \" - You flee, cower and recoil from all adversity; without honour and devoid of any chivalry.

\"They are bound by notions of altruism and defence of the poor and weak. \" - Weak Mercinaes die and suffer, weak Knights die and suffer. You watch on, you dare not risk your life for others.

\"With these skills they stand tall and proud in defence of Mercinae and those of pure heart. \" - I have walked these lands for over 250 years and in that time I do not believe I, nor the vast majority of people who read this post, have ever seen you fight in defence of either Mercinaens or the Pure of heart.

You sir, are the disgrace.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Ilmarael, in the year 1121.