Not often I see someone shoot themselves in both feet at once.

Your mistaken intepretation of my post to Threap is the cause of your purile prattle on this board? Ah, why the hell didn't you say so sooner. See, that's what happens when people try and be clever without the wit or panache for it, they just create confusion in those of us who do.

But I do need to thank you though. Genuinely. And sincerely. I've managed to splutter my morning extract of exotic beans everywhere in laughter. Nothing better than starting the day with a good chuckle.

You ask Pahn not to respond to a post that has nothing to do with him? You don't want to hear how he feels about posts unrelated to him? I've scanned back as far as I am able. I can't see a single post by you where you DON'T resist the temptation to reply to post that are feck-all to do with you! It's your trademark! It's what you contribute to the fighers board! Sometimes I post just to win a bet that you will post! I keep myself in eagles on the money I make from your predictable pedantry.

So yes, you're an authority in having too much to say for yourself and frustrated by the fact that nobody seems to want to talk to you, and unable to control the urge to post in the vain hope that somebody will agree with you and validate your meaningless existence.

Sorry, I think Silverseed might have been trying to agree with you. I need to go back and read his crayon scrawl to be sure, but I think that was the gist of it. You're in good company. You have a post-buddy. You make a lovely couple. We should all go and buy new hats for the wedding!


Written by my hand on the 24th of Springflower, in the year 1121.