and Pahn.

Ok, look back, young one, and check out the post I was referring to. You were whining something about challenges to Threap, there was no sarcasm there, it was just plan moaning. So I replied with sarcasm, I suggest you look the word up, as you perform it very very poorly. In fact your attempts at sarcasm are rather annoyingly idiotic.

Now, Pahn, dear boy. Why can you just not respond to one of my posts that has nothing to do with you? I sure as hell don't want to hear how you feel about posts unrelated to you, and I can imagine neither does 99% of avalon.

And yes, Grymauch's posts are a waste, a waste of my time to read, when I could be fishing, farming, twiddling my thumbs, fighting, etc.....


Written by my hand on the 13th of Springflower, in the year 1121.