ok, you idiot.

If you are able to jump me, obviously I was not hiding in my stockroom. And believe you me, I was not panicing, I was just trying to make my way to a quest and deal with your pestering at the same time. Upon which I made it back home, and you commen

ced attacking me in my city (how dare you call it a village pion).

At that point I thought you would think it cute if I shieldrushed you, push you in a tombable room, and slay your eagle, since the damn thing is always biting me. Which I guess you didn't find so cute after all.

Now, I will tell you this once. you jump me, you will be rewards with actions just as dishonorable. This is how it is, and always will be. I suggest if you can't handle the consequences, you desist on your actions.

And furthermore it is rather pathetic of you to claim that you are going to kill every Parrian mount because you cannot kill me when you have the chance, and lose a steed nearly every time YOU jump me.

Grow up and be a man, little boy, and own up to your actions.


Written by my hand on the 17th of Skyelong, in the year 1116.