Blotto, the Red Tideto Constantine the Barbarian

I ask you to please refer back to my post. at not point did I say smelting or shattering was unfair or cheap. I did state that the manner in which he uses it, is piss poor. Pilling in and out, just to get one or 2 smelts in, is rather cheap,a s I s

tated. It would be the same as a bandit eating a pill, walking up and stealing your pouch, then safely return to a fortified location via the pill, with a stock room right below to run to in case you decided to traverse.

Grymauch, I will tell you this once. Never mention my name in one of your posts, or I will be even more of a thorn in your side.

Besides it is your own damn fault for idling in the open while dp. It is a shame the gods took this ability away, it added much to the activity of the game in my point of view. Won't see too many idling with pan in hand if someone can still get to t

hem while dp, if you ask me.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Agamnion, in the year 1114.