you jackass.

Let me clear this misunderstanding up for you, you idiot. Not only did you team me after a mutual challenge, which I admit I lost, you shipped me directly after it, with the aide of your little cronnie, Finbar.

That, dolt, was your first mistake.

Then you proceed to attempt to smelt everything in my possession, succeeding on a few potions and runes.

That, Knucklehead, was your second mistake.

I find it a highly fair trade on your part, you lose robes, that reset, while I lose potions, that obviously do not reset.

I don't know if you where drunk when you hit that 'smelt blotto's potions' button, but you started this, and if you smelt my potions again, you will be robless for the rest of your life. Is that fair enough?

I will make a deal, you don't smelt my potions, I won't order you to melt. Otherwise, your ass will be naked for a long long time.




Written by my hand on the 5th of Hindyear, in the year 1114.