Tis a shame.

Holywhitewolf, Coeur de Loupto Everyone

It truly is a shame to see that this fighters board is filled with insults, name calling, and even grammar corrections. Whatever happened to the free expressions of one's feelings and opinions? Why has it become acceptable and even expected that thi

s board seems to be nothing more than people's judgments on other's choices of words, posts, and where and how they choose to use their skills?

I would assume that this board was created for fighters who wish to convey bravado and courage to those they wish. Yes, perhaps even complaining and challenges to those that persucute them. But blatant name calling and posts only meant to insult and

demean, well that hardly seems constructive. You can easily confront your enemies with valid points and colorful verbal assaults without resorting to mindless namecalling. Well, that's just my humble opinion.


Written by my hand on the 14th of Leaflost, in the year 1113.