Blunt as ever.

Finbar, Illuminatito Blotto, the Red Tide

Amusing. Do you really fail to see how irrelevant you are. One so old and

unaccomplished. Let me lay it out for you in the simplist of terms in response

to the lies you tell here in public in an effort to assauge your obvious feelings

of inadequacy.

From the date you unenemied me to the date Orinoko re-enemied me, I had done

nothing to earn enemy status. Indeed, the justification given to me by your

First Mariner Orinoko was that only HE could unenemy people and as I had not

earned the right to be branded a friend, I was re-branded an enemy. So what you

claim just didnt happen.

Besides child, you were not even in the realm when I was reenemied. As for my

feelings, they are quite irrelevant to the polotics in Parrius. I can accept

that, and indeed it does not surprise me. Tell me, synchophantic impotent little

warrior, can you accept how irrelevant you are and shall remain?

My guess is that you are too stupid and incapable of independent thought to

see truth. But that again, is ultimately as irrelevant as you.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Ilmarael, in the year 1113.