you dolt.

Blotto, the Red Tideto Finbar, Illuminati

I unenemied you as you had 'seemed' to have remedied your ignorance, and had not been attacking Parrians. Whether Orinoko had come back or not, I would have renemied you, because your actions warranted it. And besides, as Orinoko said, it really mat

ters not what you feel about our branding you enemy.

And I don't know how it works in your city, but an attack on one of our citizens in the city, is an attack on us all, period.

Dunccan, I can't believe you sit there pointing your finger at us. There were no hostile actions between our cities for ages, until your city got the whim it would be good to deny us services. You treat us as enemies, we act like them, in your famou

s words. For what other city do you deny services which you do not call enemy?


Written by my hand on the 10th of Ilmarael, in the year 1113.