Fear must give rise to stupidity.

Finbar, Illuminatito Blotto, the Red Tide

either that, or your inbreeding has resulted in predictable consequences.

In any event, your idocy is no longer even amusing.

Grymauch's response was to Athena, not you, nor even to Lord Proteus. In fact,

Grymauch has and shall continue to honour the gracious tutelage of Lord Proteus

on the issue at hand. Because you are merely a frustrated, confused, useless,

stockdwelling, cowering, loud mouthed, simpleton whose only function is to deprive

those more worthy of some of the more than abundant air in the land, you seek

to elevate this matter -- an no doubt yourself -- by injecting pointless, idle

unenforceable threats.

When I call you out on your stupidity, by observing a recognizable fact - that you

are a useless coward. You post to me that:

Besides, I can't believe you called me a stockroom dweller. I have never

hidden in a stockroom from you in my life, and never will.

Yet when I issue to you upon reading yet another of your meaningless posts, full of

inconsequential words, you merely msg another idle threat that you shall return

to kill me, and promptly depart -- tail between your hind legs.

Then, when you return, no doubt to enforce you threat to me -- I once again

issue to you. In response - - - - you issue to another.

Please seek guidance, for the sake of all you embarrass. You are a joke, and

an utter failure for one so old.

For your sake, so that perhaps your lack of grey matter should once again cloud

your ability to appropriatly respond -- type Issue challenge Finbar, not bb, then


Written by my hand on the 10th of Agamnion, in the year 1112.