Look more closely, if you can see at all, and you will plainly recognize that

my guildmate did not dishonour Lord Proteus as the stockdweller claimed. Inded

as i read his post, Grymauch all but said, the word of Lord Proteus is what he

sought, and Lord Proteus was gracious enough to take the time to enlighten him

The idle threats of stockdwellers (and my typo was probably not lost on everyone)

i will respond to as I see fit. My response has nothing to do with Lord Proteus,

and your simplistic attempt to elevate my observation of fact beyond what it is

is no doubt nothing more than the imaginings of a thoughtless, witless cavalier.

While I write this, I have twice issued to you -- You who are either idle, afraid

or dilligently studying your book of excuses. Likewise, based on the idle

meaningless threats of the stockdwelling mount killer at issue, I issued a challenge.

The creature you feel is much respected, hid in its stockroom, msg'd me a threat

then promptly logged off.

Finally -- so you are clear, if you desire to know the amount of grimleaf I have

please simply ask. If as a condition of our challenges, should you ever wake to

accept one, you require me to forego use of any poisons and herbs or potions - i

will decline.

P. S. Post to me no more unless you have something useful and thoughtful to say boy.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Leaflost, in the year 1112.