Lord Proteus.

The situation was fairly clear. Grymauch asked our Lord Proteus a question, Lord Proteus answered it, and Athena added a comment of her own.

Grymauch responded in his next post to Athena's post without acknowledging or thanking Lord Proteus for taking the time to assist a mortal's understanding of the depths of Avalon. Blotto responded entirely correctly as a long-standing and much respec

ted leader in Lord Proteus' order.

And now we have you butting your nose into this situation - no doubt on the grounds that you are in the same guild as Grymauch as well as city. Your last post on the subject simply said Blotto at Outfitters. In thakria that is the name of a shop, an

d I believe that the same is true in Parrius. The stock room is the Outfitter's store-room.

Your post did not prove your point - and to my mind ocntinues the disrespect already shown to Lord Proteus. I do not expect to see any further posts in this vein on this board or any other. Stick to entirely mortal subjects.



Written by my hand on the 17th of Leaflost, in the year 1112.