Clean fight?.

Kilthas Ilar'Kisaatto Mage Qrick, The Solitaire


I've been gone a bit, so correct me if I'm mistaken, but why would

any mage want something as mundane as a fight between mages without

involving one of their primary skillsets, ie rituals?

It just seems silly to me. Some of the most entertaining spars

I've ever had were between myself and the likes of Zakath, Loric,

and Tetsuo (when the three were all Warlocks or what not). We

jockeyed for position and darted in and out of each other's rituals

constantly, trying to gain the upper hand, whether by using poisons

or candescence or what not.

Have things truly changed so much that a decent mage fight no longer

involves the use of rituals?

Fare thee well and tempt not the Fates,


Written by my hand on the 15th of Skyelong, in the year 1106.