Sir Ordento Ender

So don't play from work unless you are capable of fully interacting. You are stating a few guilds that can use such safe areas as sewers and tunnels but leaving out the main abusers which seem to be almost all of the Thakrians. I don't have any \"safe\"

area I am able to idle in nor do I care to be such a coward. When I do lessons, I am out in the open and usually get jumped. Whereas these abusers idle for many hours stocking up on many lessons advancing their skills even more. I have watched the li

st many times and for 5 hours or more they sit in stockrooms never once coming out along with their CCC tutors and other players. Please don't tell me it is comm work either. If certain players can idle in stockrooms gaining more skills while the rest

of us cannot then the game becomes lopsided. As it stands we already have these all Ult players coming out of their stockrooms jumping those of us who are smaller all the time then running back to their stockrooms keeping our health dropped down low

and keeping us from using darsurion since as soon as we get it they kill us and we lose it for the month. How fair is that! So we have to wait and go around on DP while they can come and go as they please? If only a few all Ult players are the only on

es that are going to be able to enjoy the game whats the return for the rest of us?

To Zakath the whiner and the others who seem to have a problem with this discussion, what can I say except are you feeling guilty? Not to mention let's look at your and Xandamere's endless posting about triggers and how they don't suit you.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Eleuthral, in the year 1105.