Number one, I wasn't being insulting, merely laughing at your legendary temper.

Number two, you could be right about it not having been a shout, I've been away forever and all the namecalling does tend to run together... it was a certain Astrologer that used to get such compliments from you, and I've heard them myself though whet

her shout or bug-rune is in question (I still don't believe I've ever bugged anybody, alas).

Number three and finally, since I've 'heard' my main problem is one of not listening enough and not taking anybody's advice, merely learning the hard way (and I've taken the deaths and disfavours and zaps to mean that) I doubt lap dog would be a fitti

ng description for me.

Bitch dog I could handle. Hell Thakrian and Bitch roll off the tongue as nicely as Kes and Pool do.


Written by my hand on the 23rd of Ilmarael, in the year 1104.