The most famous, imposing, fighters of recent years.

Kal Zakath, Cavalier of Thakriato Everyone

Knights - Krill, Orinoko, Arthor, Dunccan and Edgtho

No known weaknesses except geography for Dunccan and constriction for Edgtho

Mages - Loric

Loremasters - Zenichiro, Aerian, Kodiak and Allanon

Sorceror - Threap

Bandits - Plaman

Seldom engages in heated combat, few emnities.

Rangers - Pahn, Ender, Blueskull

Bards - Culinane and Babidi

Seers - Cthulhu and Cordon

Both excellent one on one, but lacking in leadership and team player qualities.

Opinions take into account equipment, and how well each fighter does against

different professions. May well be a few missing due to bad memory.

Knights - Lancelot in addition.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Skyelong, in the year 1104.