Factual Inaccuracies.

Enderto Mephisto, god of the night

Firstly I have never claimed to be a \"lover of the forests\" merely someone who valued their worth. When it suited my ends I had been known to burn areas of forests and clear pick specific varieties of herb and poison growth. For example, I worked ha

rd to ensure that Kelventari remained a rare herb and that Shirolos was also hard to find, given its power in the hands of a Knight. I was not a wish washy Ranger or Animist caught up in their mindless \"save the forests\" ranting.

As for your mistaken accusation that I \"pick it clean\" prior to changing profession, as someone who has the ability to view the contents of my pouches you can see for yourself that I have neither Lestagii nor Resik, as I did not pick any herbs or pois

ons to extinction. A more accurate observation would have revealed that I merely picked herbs and poisons to a minimum sensible level of five per location.

Given that herb and poison growth is linier this will have made zero difference to overall herb and poison production and at worst will force others in the profession to wait a few days till levels are back to normal.

Clearly the only situation in which \"hiccups\" get noticed is during combat equally it is only when you have come off worse the wear that you would feel the impetus to raise it as an issue. Few people have the sense of \"fair play\" required to flag the

se issues when it rests in their favour and if they did not lose the battle then it would be hard for them to claim the imbalance existed.

In that sense, I see no other situation in which you would expect me to draw attention to this problem, than the one we have just witnessed.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Cloudburst, in the year 1104.