Enderto Tetsuo, Yonaka-ni

It is my great honour on this day to award you the title of \"Avalon's worst Fighter\".

For some time now, some of Avalon most experienced, respected fighters and gods have been mulling over the short-list of possible contenders for this title. There was some stiff competition from the likes of Rajj, Neidhart and even our old favourite

Tukar. But after much deliberation we felt that you, and you alone, stood head and shoulder below the rest.

While your general buffoonery in battle gave you the edge, this wasn't judged purely on your ineptness, you also scored highest in terms of cowardice (not a mutual challenge in over 30 years) and also stockroom dwelling. We feel you deserve a special

merit for not only restricting your fighting to teaming but also ensuring that the teaming ratio is at least 2:1 before getting involved. It was these simple and yet vital touches that earned you this, most glorious, of titles.

I have to admit there were protests from the Kes supporting camp, claiming the award should be his, but even they realised that compared to you he is a master of combat. My commiserations go to Neidhart and Rajj for putting in a good show, sadly they

were witnessed accepting mutual challenges on at least three occasions in the last 50 years and therefore scored lower than you in that critical category.

Once again, congratulations!

Written by my hand on the 7th of Mournsend, in the year 1104.