I will repeat it again to you - if my emotes continue to to have positive effects

in that they set of triggers preventing fullparry etc I shall continue to use them.

To that end, they do seem to be working very very well, apart from you, alarius,

esprii, and countless others who wanted to chant equilibrium as I jabbed there are

still a minority of top level fighters they had absolutely no effect on at all.

Again I invite you to ask a deity to monitor my fights if you believe there is a

greivance worthy of such monitoring. You believe it is in excess whilst I believe it

is just right.

If they didn't work I wouldn't take the time to set the macro's in the first place.

Yet again I point out that some fighters took everything in their stride, not missing a second and still fought and killed just as efficiently as ever. If you

cannot do so, look to yourself - perhaps you are colouring too much text? Perhaps too

many zmud alarms are going off. I really do not care - it is your own problem.

On a final note I believe it is possible for you to gag all my emotes - since I

currently use 3 that shouldn't be too difficult for even soemone of your brain

capacity. (And no that does not mean you would be blanket gagging the attack - you would just be gagging my emote)

So I suggest you cease and desist with your constant whining.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Ilmarael, in the year 1103.