Kal Zakath, Cavalier of Thakriato Everyone

This realm has always been different to the immitations in alternate dimensions

and planes of existance.

Avalon has stood out because it stands by its standards, refusing to be swayed

by blackmail from players, refusing to bow down to mass opinion when the

quality of the realm is at stake.

Perhaps with this new java client, where alias's and macros are available that

it be considered that all future quests for gems be played on this format. Not

so radical as forcing everyone to always use java, but giving a gentle reminder

that the deities are more interested in skill that programming ability.

The main excuse for players not taking the plunge in the past was lack of

alias's. This has now been rectified.

This is a suggestion to the gods... and if you think about it carefully I am sure

you will see a range of benefits and next to no drawbacks.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Midsummer, in the year 1103.