Count Xandamere, the Damnedto Blotto, the Red Tide

Like I said, Finbar was brave enough to do it once, and I do believe in giving credit

where credit is due. Obviously, an Avalon without any triggers whatsoever would be a

better world, because it would force players to rely on their own skill and nothing else,

which I believe was the original intent of the combat system. The only way I can see

that happening, though, is if everybody was forced to connect via the Java client...

I don't really know if that's technically possible, but I think it would be a terrific

idea. Edgtho, unfortunately, has yet to respond to my challenge with anything more than

childish insults... it abhors me that he has a divine gem won through combat, which should

theoretically mark him as one of the finer fighters around, and yet he fears an open test

of skill.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Skyelong, in the year 1103.