Open Challenge.

Ender, Brigandto Everyone

I hereby lay-down an open challenge to all mortals.

The challenge will take the form of best of five mutual challenges. These challenges will be contended on mainland Avalon and require both contestants to be competing using the new Gem Quest \"Java Client\" available on the Avalon website. They will b

e overseen by at least one mutually agreed god. The penalty for losing such an important contest will require the vanquished party to forsake ALL PROFESSIONAL skills.

In my case this would be Forestry, Stealth, Poisons, Herbs and Trapping. A Knight would give up Chivalry, Endurance, Warcraft and Weaponry. If anyone has the fortitude and fearlessness to accept such a challenge, let them post their intent here.

What say you?

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Paglost, in the year 1103.