new attacks.

Not from personal experience, but I'd be tempted to add:

- Waxstrip

You apply molten wax and cover with a strip of fabric. You pull viciously and the strip comes away with a hideous ripping noise.

Possibility of being stunned by the sheer shock of the experience, also struck dumb for a period of time. When you can speak again it is only in a high pitched wimper.

Guaranteed to wake anyone with a double rush of adrenalin.

Depending on bodypart that is waxed, will either make either your left or right arm wave about like a dervish, cause you to run around rubbing your legs like a lunatic or worse of all make you shoot 12 feet up in the air and leave you unable to ride w

ithout the aid of a padded saddle.

It should be noted that females would find it obligatory to inflict this upon themselves every six weeks. And failure to administer will prevent hugging of any description.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Skyelong, in the year 1101.