you mistake me sir.

I never questiond his worth as chosen one, I would not presume that much. I merely question his use of his powers, question their use not their worth. He once moaned to me on how Allanon used his hp alkar to stay safe from him. I just point out, that

since he questiond my ability to issue honorable challenge to those I deam unjust.

I could question him by the same token. If he had not talked to me, or posted to me, and not meddled in that wich does not concern him... I would not have been forced to post to him, there is something about people dipping in their spoon in a soup tha

t does not belong to them that shouts infatilism, and childishness.

I try and controll the impulse to post to in wich thread I have no buisness, I think we are all well advised to do so.

I take this opportunity to Re-Issue my challenge to sorcerors Tetsuo and Solan, I await a response in the affermative or negative.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Paglost, in the year 1097.