Stranger than Fiction.

The reason I didn't comment on the use of Hecritor in my nefarious schemes, was because it's totally true.

I entered Thakria then Hecritor started to attack and follow me, I traversed into the Emperors Treasury and proceeded to attempt to kill Tristian in a way that would hopefully negate any bloodlust and leave me with the option of killing him a later da


My motivation for doing so however is more interesting than the raw details. Tristian has involved himself in a stonewar with Parrius. H was in the process of freeing the portable stone (currently residing in Thakria) from the Astrologers guild.

As someone who fights tirelessly for the defence of Parrius I am well within my rights to act as I did. As well you know; once someone involves himself or herself in activities of this kind (marching troops, enslaving stones, felling staves) which d

irectly effect the safety and stability of an entire city. The gloves come off.

Regards my seconds; as someone who knew one of them very well, I ask you. Did that feisty little knight ever bitch on the fighter's bb, when someone of his own SKILL (not abilities of level) attacked him?


Written by my hand on the 19th of Midwinter, in the year 1095.