I was holding back from posting something about you on here, but todays

pathetic attempt on your behalf was just begging to be told.

When you poisoned me up in the Center of Cassiandora Square and

blow piped Kly at me every couple of seconds for a period of around

30 mins (Interupted only when Kilthas needed you to do something,

at which point he did that bardic cry at me) but not actually

killing me, I thought I would let it pass.

I have no doubt that you are a fairly intelligent person, having

been around these lands for such a lengthy period of time - but really

you should know better than to pick on someone not long off the lw

list in that way.

But thats beside the point. Traversing to me, poisoning me up again

and then ordering me to punch hecritor and then nullifying me so that

he would kill me and leave you with no bloodlust is just plain wrong

no matter what way I try to look at it.

That is a rather blatant abuse of a system that is put there to stop

larger players such as yourself from making smaller players lifes a


I know that you will come back with some rediculous post about a stone

war blah blah blah. I suggest if you care that much about the seer

profession, that you quit guild, leave profession and join the


One day you will die screaming Ender, and I will stand from afar and



Written by my hand on the 11th of Midwinter, in the year 1095.