Mephisto, god of the nightto Ender, Chaotic Ranger

After some investigation I have experienced the problem you mentioned

in your last post with regards to speed. The speed of the Java client

may well vary from person to person based upon their operating system

and consequent browser type. Though don't quote me on that.

Regardless of any gripes people may have with regards to profession

I believe the overall balance to be equal. Seers with cursing will be

just as effective as a Sorcerer with plenty of demons. As will a Knight

with many poisons on their blades. Inevitably, it will boil down to

who has the fastest mind and most experienced tactics to employ.

Having said that, I will arrange a fighters tournament to be held over

the next week or so for those who wish to take part in the gem quest

to practice their use of the client in real combat. It will also give us

all a chance to see whether or not the Java client itself is up to full

speed combat. The Underworld may well prove to be a good place for this.

More later.


Written by my hand on the 27th of Midwinter, in the year 1094.