automatic curing.

Magess Tinuviel, Daughter of the Duskto Kal Zakath

Well I certainly can't cure nann or grimleaf with a trigger. Grimleaf because

of the wait on allheale and nann because most likely a trigger to smoke

megillos won't cure the despair in the first try anyway.

Besides, we all know those triggers are bad, especially in mists.

So just wanted to say that triggers are not all there is to fighting,

although personally I'd miss my color triggers, my status bar, and of course

my aliases which are quick to type and a lot easier to remember than those

internal avalon macros.

I do agree that a good setup is half the fight, but don't blame all of it on

the triggers *smile*

And... I'm not sure I'd be more proud of being the fastest typer in Avalon

than of being the best programmer. When you think of it, what's the big

difference, really?

Written by my hand on the 20th of Midwinter, in the year 1094.