the way it was.

Artisan Allanonto Kal Zakath

Firstly all that you say is interesting but as Ender pointed out certain professions would

have an inate advantage over others due to the relative simplicity of their attacks/skills

I personally think the problems stem from the reliability and speed of connections to Avalon

in the old days no-one would risk stringing loads of commands together due to the lag - in

fact it was more the opposite of timing individual commands in bouts of lag in a desperate bid to

win often not seeing the result for 10 or 20 secs.

Obviously everyone hated that external limitation on fighting ability but it was a fact of life.

Now if there were some way of limiting the number of commands a character could receive in a specific

time period (perhaps garbling the over the limit ones in a similar way to nann) that would

make it very interesting.

I also think another factor is people having the option of being connected for hours at little or no cost

it has given people time to perfect making very complicated and effective set ups.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Ilmarael, in the year 1093.