the way it used to be.

Kal Zakathto Everyone

Hmm sorry the point in the last post got lost a bit.

When I first started many years ago I played at Hostplay an den for teenagers and young

people who were at the time addicted to Avalon. There were some basic macro's and nothing else.

Prowess relied upon type speed and genuine tactics and each fight was special.

I feel these days that Zmud or other programmes do all the fighting/defending for people. People 'win'

only when they outsmart the programme rather than beat the other person.

Of course one cannot do much about 'progress' except wish in vain that the divinities would only allow

java clients to spice up the realm!! But I do not see that happening.

In any event, I believe now some zmud programmes are so good that it is very difficult to slay a foe

if you are not using one yourself which is perhaps why many of the older players do not seem to be as

effective as they were when programmes were less sophisticated.

Anyway in battles there will always be winners and losers but I have a hunch, that perhaps only a week

back into this realm properly I would beat many of the regular players on a level playing field. ie on

Java freetyping and 255 internal macros.

Of course I may be pleasantly suprised, and if so then it would be a pleasure to lose. With this in mind

I extend an offer of a challenge with a single ultimate placed by each contender into the pot in the

normal realm of avalon via java to the many outspoken people out there.

I wonder if people I deem to be Zmud players like Finbar would agree to take up a very rusty player

on the Java playing field.

If so please reply promptly.


Written by my hand on the 9th of Skyelong, in the year 1093.