you contradict yourself.

Could I get everyone to refer to post 2820 in which ender says that if aerian can find someone to sketch

in the underworld then orinoko would be more than happy to accept his challenge in 2 mans. However now

that aerian has found a way for someone to sketch for him, two man rituals are equated to teaming

(see post 2861) so either Ender needs to make up his mind, or maybe he should just stop acting as Orinokos


Furthermore if we take a look at post 2814 orinoko claims that he was able to kill aerian with 2 mans multiple

times and that the only reason he eventually lost in 2 mans was a result of a \"mistake\" he made, so if the only

reason he lost was do to a \"mistake\" then he should have no problem fighting in 2 mans as he is the holder

of the divine ruby making him the best fighter in the land and the best fighter in the land would never make

the same mistake twice

Tleilaxu, tired of the bravado

Written by my hand on the 25th of Paglost, in the year 1093.