For your benefit here are the terms.

Best of three challenges to take place on mainland Avalon on at a time

both fighters agree upon.

Sketches to be given to me before each challenge.

God chosen as referee to be agreed by both fighters.

Death to challenge is only counted upon \"ghosting\" of individual - not to

power rituals or olvar.

I believe that's what I discussed with Genesis, now kindly keep your

jaws closed. If Orinoko and I want to proceed with the challenge then we'll

be the first to let you know.

Orinoko: As for Orielle who has not been a pacifist for years... you are

worrying me as I think you are getting Dunccan's symptoms visorlockdownsus.

Evil Aerian

Written by my hand on the 17th of Paglost, in the year 1093.