Underworld Challenge.

Finbarto Evil Aerian, Gateway to Hell


Or so I thought, your post accepting Orinoko's challenge to you for an

underworl fight stated that you'd be \"MORE\" than happy to accept if you were

allowed two man rits and time to equip.

Certainly enought time has passed for you to equip and Im sure Orinoko

has no issue with two man rits -- whats the hold up?

Let me guess, you have no doubt idled in your stock and concieved of all

sorts of extra conditions that must be met beyond those set forth in your

acceptance. I think the divine ought to remove your speaking and posting

abilitites until such time as you actually fulfill the words uttered in post 2818.

In the alternative, you ought to be made to publicly admit your fear, anxiety

and sheer cowardice regarding this underworld challenge. Of course, you

could always prove us all wrong and just meet the challenge on the terms

already agreed to -- I doubt a peace sketching stock dwelling teamer like you

will do so.

You accepted this challenge on two conditions, no doubt met. Go meet the fate

you sought. I for one, am eager to see you slaughter orinoko as you have

so boldly alleged you can.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Cloudburst, in the year 1093.